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Marina Richterova

21st June 1962 in Moscow, Russia
1977-81 School for applied arts in Moscow atelier miniature and icon
1982-83 High school of polygraphic in Moscow atelier book culture and illustration
1983-90 Prague academy of applied arts atelier illustration and graphic arts
Active in: free graphic, illustration, drawings, ex libris
Czech graphic artist Marina Richterova introduces a unique style of postmodern Central European Art.
Born in Communist Russia in 1962, Czech graphic artist Marina Richterova grew up in isolation from modern Western trends of the twentieth century. On the other hand, while growing up and studying, she had to her disposal a strong Russian tradition of graphic art as well as Russian icons, influenced by Byzantine icons which in its turn had been based upon early Christian iconography.

The seventeenth century portrait art in which Russian icons ultimately culminated, was one of the strongest features of Russian art. Furthermore there is a strong influence of what have remained, under the Communist regime, of Russian folklore. An underlying ancient Russian matriarchal system is reflected in the art of Richterova. Personal memories of the artists reflect a Russian atmosphere.

The isolation from the West, which might have destroyed the potential of lesser artists, in the case of Ms Richterova resulted in a unique style of postmodern Central European Art.

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Czech Graphic Art
As a student Marina Richter left Russia for the then Czechoslovakia.

In Czechoslovakia and later on the Czech Republic, Ms Richterova would come in contact with a very strong school of graphic contemporary artists, building on a tradition that was started in the 15th Century and flowered in the 17th Century under the reign of King Rudoplh, when Vaclav Hollar was a prominent artist. A prominent Czech contemporary of Ms Richterova in the 20th and 21st centuries was world famous Czech graphic artist Oldrich Kulhanek.

Influences of the French Gothic Art and Northern Renaissance Art
As a mature artist Marina Richterova traveled to Western and Northern Europe. The French Gothic and Northern Renaissance was reflected in her work, rather than contemporary directions. In later works she was also strongly influenced by styles from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

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Instead of a modernist break with tradition, Ms Richtherova’s intense involvement with all aspects of Western, Eastern and Northern European art history and iconography, ultimately results in a rich and fascinating universal visual “conversation” between all the different artistic European traditions through all the ages. It would therefore be impossible to form an understanding of her work without keeping all these influences, as well as the influences behind the influences, in mind. Neither should the indirect influence of the Communist state in which she grew up, and to which she reacted negatively with positive creative results, be ignored.

Influences of Japanese Art
In her work from the last few years there are influences of Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements of the early twentieth century. From there the artist seems to have moved to Oriental art, especially Japanese art, that underlies the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

Postmodern Retrospective Trends
The absence of misplaced claims of absolute renewal or authenticity typical of the twentieth century avant-garde in Western Art, is what distinguishes the work of Marina Richterova from that of the modern artists preceding her. This links her work with postmodernist retrospective trends which during the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries were strongly present in various postmodern artistic genres.


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