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Elena Shumacher

Born in 1969 in Novomoskovsk city, Tulsky district, Russia.

1993 – Graduated from Smolensk State Teachers’ Training University, Art and Graphics major

Started her professional art career in 2008 with first solo exhibition in Vitebsk city, Belarus.

Had solo exhibitions in Smolensk and Moscow, Russia, and Montpelier, France. Her artworks can be found in private collections in Russia and abroad.

The artist creates art in one breath, and each painting is an experiment. She lives through each situation and then spills emotions onto canvas. Her main sources of inspiration are people and their feelings, her own feelings, music (the artist can’t create without it), and her beloved ones – husband and a daughter. She tries to see the world as children do. She believes that’s important.

Group exhibitions:

2009 – Palette of the Year, Smolensk city, Russia

2011 - "Exclamation", Central Art House, Moscow, Russia

2011 – exhibition of Art preview contest finalists, Art Academy, Zurab Tsereteli Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2011 - Palette of the Year, Smolensk city, Russia

Solo Exhibitions:

2008г – Colored Dreams, Literature Museum, Vitebsk city, Belarus

2009г – Kind People, Exhibition Hall, Smolensk, Russia

2009г – Listening to Music, Art-Café, Montpelier, France

2009г – Lack of Laughter, 40 Squares Gallery, Smolensk, Russia

2010г – Female Line, 40 Squares Gallery, Smolensk, Russia

2010 – Female Line, Itera, Moscow city, Russia

2011 – Can’t Stop Wondering, City Museum, Central Library, Novomoskovsk city, Russia

2011 – Vanilla Cloud, DiDi Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2012, April – Paradise Gallery, Moscow


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