31 Temmuz 2012 Salı

Francis O’Leary (Tone)

About the Work:

Tone’s paintings and drawings have been described by Jill Stowell of the Newcastle Herald over various exhibitions as:

· ‘Virtuoso puzzle paintings, pencil and paint magically combined.’

· ‘Careful craftsmanship.’

· ‘Symbolic narratives.’

· ‘Phenomenal skills in drawing the figure.’

· ‘Dazzling depictions of the figure in allegorical compositions’

· ‘A close study of old masters such as Leonardo, Perugino, and above all, Botticelli.’

About the Artist:

* Born in England
* To art school – Guildford School of Art and Ceramics in 60s…..
* To Australia 1966 when family migrated to Melbourne
* Art therapist/teacher with people with a disability
* Taught art privately in New Zealand
* Ran an art gallery in Cairns (Workshop Gallery a co-op of artists and crafts people)
* Continued to draw and paint, through the Northern Territory and then NSW
* Exhibited successfully with Sandra Baker at ‘Studio 48’, Newcastle for the past few seasons.


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