13 Temmuz 2012 Cuma

Billy Woolway

 Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Billy began painting shortly after his tour of service in WWII as a Sergeant in the 91st Infantry Division in North Africa. After returning home, he attended the Art Institute of Chicago and later, worked as the Art Director and then Creative Director for four Advertising firms, one of which was his own.
In 1979 Billy set up his studio in Santa Barbara, California where to this day he continues to works with acrylic and found metal on wood and canvas. His award winning paintings have been featured in museums and art institutions all over the country and are acquired by national and international collectors alike.
Described as an intuitive painter, Billy is inspired by the visceral slices of sand-yellow-earth colors, inhabited by figures of a temporal quality, not on the land, but locked into and a part of the land that nourishes us.



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