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Madeline Goodwolf

Born in Brisbane in 1975, Madeleine completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, between 1994 and 1998. She has had many solo exhibitions, including work at Handmark Gallery in Hobart, The Mill in Launceston in 2006, Galleria Kempton in Germany in 2001, and Despard Gallery in Hobart in 1998. Madeleine has also taken part in many group exhibitions around Australia and overseas. In 2001, Madeleine received the Forderpreis der Dr. Rudolphe-Zorn-Stifung. She is the Co-founder of Tapir Print Workshop in Cygnet, and was a Printmaking tutor, Adult Education, Tasmania and Germany in the late 1990s. Her work has been acquired by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart as a part of its collections.
Madeleine Goodwolf works on lines; Free, flowing, mischievous, strident, gentle, directionless, purposeful lines. And it is from these lines that her work will evolve into reveries of landscape, or figures captured and bent to the will of that line. Says Goodwolf ‘Altering lines can change the whole expression of a figure. Line work makes me sing.’

Goodwolf’s work is spontaneous and, while there is no ‘development process’ from which her work emerges, her creative recipe calls for a strict set of ingredients: uninterrupted time, bare feet, bare floor and a big sheet – of paper, canvas or a plate. Then her work can begin.

This body of work is a further study of the line. The prints particularly are an attempt to pull the line right back to the bare roots; the place where the slightest altering of line changes the entire expression of the figure. The angle of the head, the direction of the gaze, the fall of the hand, all are considered in order to find a certain expression and tell its own story.

The paintings are an exploration: The discovery of a new medium. The adventure of this exploration promises a whole new life. Where a certain type of magic takes place between the hand and the canvas, one which Goodwolf feels is somewhat separate to her. Where colours merge and re-emerge and continue to surprise.

Madeleine is best known for her printmaking which, since graduating from the University of Tasmania in 1998, has been exhibited extensively in Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne and Germany. Her works have been acquired by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and rest in numerous private collections between Australia and Germany. Goodwolf has taught printmaking in Hobart, Cygnet, Alice Springs and Germany.


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