25 Temmuz 2012 Çarşamba

Do Duy Tuan

Do Duy Tuan is one of the most talented artists in Vietnam and a profound, Zen thinker. He paints mostly women, portrays his female subjects in somber and dreamlike moods, and uses mixed media as his material. He successfully blends both a high degree of delicacy and texture creating an effective contrast in his paintings. He has received numerous awards from competitions and exhibits overseas. Twice, he has received the Certificate of Recognition from the Phillip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art Awards.

"I finally found my inner peace, and it reflects in my creations. My art embraces the nostalgic and romantic ambiance of Hue, of the glorious past, and of the divine, dream like beauty that I have yet to reconcile with today’s civilization. My subjects reflect my heart and soul and are not challenging, for I want my viewers to appreciate and enjoy them as if they were actually creating the artworks themselves.”—Do Duy Tuan

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