9 Temmuz 2012 Pazartesi

John Piper

Of all the artists active in Britain during the twentieth century, John Piper was probably the most versatile. He once claimed that he had worked in every medium available to him. Owing to the richness and far-reaching nature of his achievement, it will take a long time before his multi-facetted career can be fully appreciated and his artistic and cultural contribution properly assessed.
From childhood and throughout the rest of his life Piper absorbed in words and pictures a broad swathe of this country's Romantic heritage. He explored, drew, and photographed its architecture and its vernacular buildings. In his printmaking, as in his painting, he frequently took as his subject matter cottages and castles, abbeys and churches, mountains and menhirs, houses, coastlines, beaches, piers and harbours.
This show will comprise around 15 pieces of work covering a variety of subject matters.

John Piper born 13 December 1903, died 28 June 1992

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