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Bernard CADENE

Bernard Cadène - Painter of the colours

When i turned 10, I got struck down by a very serious disease:
that of creating.
My godmother, who was a specialist doctor in Paris, stated a few years later that such disease was irreversible end incurable. In spite of it all, she saved me.
She suggested to my parents whose ambition was to see me become an accountant, that I enrolled at the Art School in Toulouse. My acquaintances all know that my relation to figures is a long story…
Throughout my entire life, I have been divided, or even torn, between painting and music.
I practiced the violin for 10 years, before I started playing the bass.But my musical record didn't cow to a stop, along with my studies in fine arts, I scoured the "Pink City" night life and played in several bands.
I happily kept leading a double life, since at that time, I was awarded my art school degree which made me a certified fine arts teacher. I also received 18 drawing and painting prizes and became the Lefranc prizewinner.
Besides, I soon got a teaching position from which I resigned a day and a half after I took it, leaving no address behind. The only excuse I can find for my behavior, is it was the year 1968.
And then, I met Christianne..
I married my Charentes girl and she has been sharing my life ever since.
She gave me a great son, François.Needless to say at the time, painting didn't provide a living, let alone feed a family… Je suis donc tombé dans la Pub, puis l’audiovisuel. So I got involved in advertising then television and radio. But I had never given up painting and in 1985, I went back to my good old white canvas.
As I held my palette and my brushes three days a week, I soon became addicted to colours.
And I was back on the rails if I may say so and things moved very quickly. In 1987, a gallery owner in Albi organized my « come back exhibition ». and encouraged me to persevere in doing what I did best.
Following his advice, I signed up for life : exhibitions, orders, it all happened very fast. I can only plead guilty for the pleasure I have doing it !All I have been doing for the past 25 years now is painting, from morning till night while listening to some music.
In the end, I managed to escape from the real world by locking myself up in my studio where I have some happy and easy days.

Bernard Cadène / CONTACTS :

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