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John R. Baird

Baird’s practice encompasses both painting and sculpture in a distinctive, bold style. His work often investigates the interior landscape of domestic life and the slippage between utilitarianism and decoration. The comfortable chair, the dressing table or the floral arrangement are all elevated from the commonplace.

Baird explores the activities we engage in as well as the objects that surround us. He plays with the traditional genre of still life in a distinctive whimsical style; fantastical flowers sit majestically amongst stylized interiors, whilst his figures bend and twist themselves into frame. Vintage fabrics and wallpapers are collaged into his latest compositions giving texture to the surface, spatial depth, and the impression of woodblock printing.
Born Melbourne 1954 Painter and Sculptor
‘A painting must first and foremost be a thing of beauty’

1987 “Fertility” Roar Studios Melbourne
1989 “John R Baird Paintings” Roar Studios Melbourne
1990 “John R Baird Peinture” Australian Embassy Paris
1992 “Aspects of Fatherhood” A.R.T. Gallery. Melbourne
2002 “Recent Paintings” Eastgate & Holst. Melbourne
2003 “John Baird” Eastgate & Holst. Melbourne
2004 “Paintings & Sculpture”   Eastgate & Holst. Melbourne
2005 “Sculpture & Paper” Eastgate & Holst. Melbourne
2007 “Paintings” Art House Sydney
2007 Recent Paintings Eastgate and Holst Melbourne
2008 Recent Works Art House Sydney
2009 Unlikely Florals Art House Sydney
2010 'Consequence' Recent Eastgate and Holst Melbourne

1988 “The Yellow Show” Roar Studios Melbourne
1989 “Roar Summer Salon” Roar Studios Melbourne
1991 “Roar 2 Summer Salon” Roar Studios Melbourne
1991 “Random Sample” Roar Studios Melbourne
1991 “Art in City Windows” City of Melbourne
1992 “Roar 11 Count to ten” Roar Studios Melbourne
1993 “Roar Ten Years On” LaTrobe Valley Art Centre
1993 “Roar Ten Years On”   Artzone Adelaide
1999 “From the Arts End” Mornington Regional Gallery
2003 “Collectors Show”     Eastgate & Holst Melbourne
2004 “Collectors Show”   Eastgate & Holst. Melbourne
2005 Directors Choice Eastgate & Holst Melbourne
2007 “Dogs in Art’ Castlemaine Art gallery &

Historical Museum
2008 Directors Choice Eastgate & Holst Melbourne
2008- Works from the Art House Sydney
2009 Recent Works
Eastgate & Holst Fine Art


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