18 Temmuz 2012 Çarşamba

Georgie Young

About the artist
Georgie Young is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and paints contemporary landscapes and still lives.
Her landscapes reflect the highly contrasting mountains, moorland and coastlines of the West, East and far North of Scotland.
In the past she has concentrated on predominantly Scottish subjects but, more recently, the hills and plains of the North and South of Spain have also featured in her work.
The still lives have the same textural feeling of the landscapes and could be said to be landscapes in miniature.
Her work aims to evoke a feeling and capture a sense of place, an atmosphere or an unexpected detail rather than reproduce a direct likeness. The paintings are a product of observation, interpretation and improvisation: the original observation is processed, re-examined and the essence abstracted.
For many years Georgie lived, taught and painted in Ayrshire. She now lives in Edinburgh in sight of the Castle.
Georgie has exhibited in solo, joint and mixed shows in Edinburgh, Glasgow


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