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Katy Kuhn

136 Lovell Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941
phone: 415.407.4908

 I work, I create, I struggle, I evolve. My art isn’t about reproducing what I see in the world, but rather bringing spontaneity, energy and authenticity to each painting; for that work to have a life of its own.

I am a fourth generation Californian and have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area
most of my life. Although I am not a “landscape” painter, I am heavily drawn to the rugged and colorful land¬scapes I have grown up with. My work often reflects water, rocks, earth, and movement. Early on I was fascinated by the compositions of Alexander Nepote (having had an original hanging in our family home for as long as I remember), and have always been completely stimulated by the raw and exploratory work of Robert Mother¬well as well as Spanish painter Antoni Clavé.

I have been blessed to explore creativity throughout my lifetime. In addition to studying the formal aspects of art at University of California at Santa Barbara and Berkeley, I have also studied printmaking (with an emphasis on monotype) with noted printmakers Ron Pokrasso, Jonde Northcut and Nick Capacci. The printmaking process informs my painting: I use many of the same techniques (additive/subtractive, multiple “drops,” stencil and collage) to enhance the richness of the work.

I see the world in complex and ambiguous terms and try to capture that in my work through texture, mark-making, and vague references to things concrete and/or experiential. The sum of each piece should be greater than its total parts. Although creating a piece of work is often an arduous journey—not knowing the destination—the beauty and success of a work largely resides in those traces—the pentimento—of that journey. My work is about synergy, raw expression and dis¬covery. It is about reaching and working it a little further. Hopefully it is about seeing things differently each time you look.

Bachelors of Fine Art, University of California, Berkeley 1981

Solo and Other Exhibitions (partial list)
Peju Winery, Napa, CA (October - December 2010, July - October 2011)
Francesca Gallery, Sausalito, CA (June 2010)
Sundance Cinema Kabuki, San Francisco, CA (November 2009 - January 2010)
At The Top, Mill Valley, CA (September - October 2009)
John Wilmer Studio, Sausaltio, CA (September 2008)
Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA (May 2008)
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (Monotype Marathon) San Jose,
     CA (2007, 2006, 2005, 2004)
Mill Valley City Hall, Mill Valley, CA (October 2006)
Marin Arts Salon, an ArtSFest Presentation, San Rafael, CA (May 2006)
Cafe Aroma, Idyllwild, CA (August - October 2005)
142 Throckmorton Theatre, CA Mill Valley, CA (April 2005)

Recent and Upcoming Juried/Group Exhibitions (partial list)
“Surface/Tension: h2o,” Gallery 111 and Bay Model Visitor Center,
    Sausalito, CA (June/July 2010)
“Abstract Works on Canvas,” Robert Allen Fine Art, Sausalito, CA
    (February - March 2010)
“Inside Out—Bay Area Abstract Artists,” Marin MOCA, San Rafael, CA
    (February - March 2010)
“Bay Area Women Artists” (juror: Donna Seager) O’Hanlon Center for the Arts,
    Mill Valley, CA (August 2009)
“Small Works” ArtWorks Downtown, San Rafael, CA (November 2008)
Sonoma Plaza Center for the Arts, Sonoma, CA (September 2007)
Artisans Gallery, San Rafael, CA (Best of Show February 2007,
    Merit Award October 2007)
Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA (February 2007)


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