26 Temmuz 2012 Perşembe

Francois Foucras

Francois Foucras (foucras)
Artist painter and amateur photographer

Born 13. October 1962

Not attached to a style neither to a technique. Just want to explore
different fields of the art realm.
Favorites subjects : People and landscapes
Like to provoke questioning about the mystery and purpose of life.
Hope my art will touch your heart !

You may also visit me on www.zazzle.com/foucras

Self-taught artist painter.
Studied the rudiments of drawing during childhood.
Started to paint on canvas in Hawaii in 1987.
First exhibition in France : 1990.
Professional artist since 1998.
Like to take pictures with my little pocket camera.
Currently looking for new galleries to exhibit my work.
If you're interested send me a message !!

Married - 3 beautiful kids


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