14 Temmuz 2012 Cumartesi

Katarina Vavrova

Katarina Vavrová is a very talented painter and graphic artist from Slovakia. Her work is highly poetical, imaginative, dreamlike and very suggestive. The quality of detail and draughtsmanship is extraordinarily well visible. The motives have their roots in literature and arts, historical events and persons. One can see traces from biblical events and from the time of the great discoveries, but also something from the outer world and something from the inner parts of the human soul. In her work the world of fantasy melds with reality, dream with actuality, and desire with experience.
Typical elements in her work are people, animals, men with wings, some hats or headgear and something in red colour. In many of her pictures we see a lady with a sad contemplating expression on her face.

The many prizes and awards received by Katarina Vavrová and the number of private an group exhibitions she has had, do prove that her art is of the highest quality.

Vavrová is born in 1964 in Bratislava, Slovakia, and today she lives and works in Pezinok which is nearby native town.

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