7 Ağustos 2012 Salı

Yosuke Yamaguchi

Yosuke Yamaguchi is a worker for the Amihama Warehouse Company, working at the New Yokosuka Harbour District. Before working at the harbour, he used to work at Terashima Shoji, but was fired after he took the fall for a mistake made by his boss. Despite not always being completely happy with the outcome of that incident, he still feels like he had made the right choice.
These paintings are by the Tokyo based painter and designer Yosuke Yamaguchi. What really attracts me to Yamaguchi’s work is how he creates unique fantasy worlds. His paintings are places where two girls can hover amid a mass of floating debris or where a large bull can stand watching a girl in a swimming pool. They’re wonderfully strange images and alluring to look at.

While the people in his paintings may look melancholy and the colors are muted, these are really beautiful works and they are delicately made with inks and watercolors. To me, they feel a bit like the paintings of Edward Hopper were re-imagined by David Lynch and brought to life by Marcel Dzama, but even as an analogy that feels a little limp as Yamaguchi’s work is truly unique.

To see more of Yamaguchi’s work, make sure to visit his frequently updated Flickr page where you can see a lot more of the projects he has worked on.


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