15 Ağustos 2012 Çarşamba

Dimo Kolibarov

Dimo Kolibarov was born on February 27,1965 in Pomorie ,Bulgaria. From 1979 to 1984 studied at the Tsanko Lavrenov Secondary School of Art in Plovdiv. From 1990 to1996 studied at the National Academy of Art in Sofia. Since 1987 he taken part in many exhibitions and competitions in Bulgaria and abroad. Since 2003 he is ass.proffessor in National Academy of Art-department Of Graphic Art. Participations in International shows and competitions: Biennial of Graphic Arts in Varna(Bulgaria)-’89,’91,’93, ’95,’97,’99,’01,’03. Biennial of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo(Bulgaria)-’89,’93,’95. Exhibition of Miniatures in Toronto(Canada)-,’90,’91. Biennial Maly Formy-Lodz(Poland)-’91,’93,’95. Triennial of Graphic Art in Cracow(Poland)-’91. Triennial of Prints and Drawing in Maidanek(Poland)-’91,’97. Mini prints Exhibition in Cadaques(Spain)-,’91,’96. Triennial of Graphic Arts in Kochi(Japan)-’93. Biennial of Graphic Arts in Maribor(Slovenia)-’93. Triennial of Graphic Arts in Bitolya(Macedonia)-’94,’97. Biennial of graphic Arts in Belgrade(Yugoslavia)-’94,’96. Triennial of Prints and Drawings in Vaasa(Finland)-’93. Exhibition of Miniature Graphic Arts in Bristol(England)-’94,’04. Biennial of Graphic Arts in Orense(Spain)-’94,’02. Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ibiza(Spain)-’94,’00. Exhibition of Miniatures in Gorni Milanovats(Yugoslavia)-’95,’97,’01. Biennial of Graphic Arts in Lyubliana(Slovenia)-’95. Triennial of Graphic Arts in Sofia(Bulgaria)-’95,’98,’01,’04. Biennial of graphic Arts in Kanagawa(Japan)-’95,’97. Mini Print International Triennial in Tokyo(Japan)-’95,’98,’02. Participations in International Biennials and Ttiennials in Kayro(Egipt), Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia), Frehen(Germany), Gortze(France), Cremona(Italy), Evora(Portugal), Portland(USA), Seoul(Korea), Ufa(Russia), Nish(Yugoslavia), Havirov(CzechRepublic), Cluj(Romania), Namur(Belgium), Shamalieres(France), Sepre(Switzerland). Participations in International Exhibitions of Ex-libris in Aqua Terme(Italy), Saint Niklaas(Belgium), Sofia(Bulgaria), Ankara(Turkye), Belgrade(Yugoslavia), Katovitse(Poland), Warszawa(Poland), Shamalieres(France). Has participated in representative shows of Bulgarian Art in Portugal,Kuwait, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Switzerland, Korea, Grece, USA, Yugoslavia, Japan, And elsewhere. One-man shows: 1993-Ullapooll,Scotland 1996-Graphic Art Promotion”Hof Ten Doyer”-Belgium 1996-Egedem gallery-Egedem,Belgium 1996 Hasselt Gallery-Hasselt,Belgium 1996-Finess Gallery-Sofia,Bulgaria 1997-Am Steinweg Gallery-Passao,Germany 1998-Inter Art Gallery-Salzweg,Germany 1998-Art Club Lucky-Sofia,Bulgaria 1998-Bourgas Gallery-Bourgas,Bulgaria 1999-Gallery 11-Sofia,Bulgaria 1999-Art In Gallery_Varna,Bulgaria 1999-Nessy Art Gallery-Bourbas,Bulgaria 1999-Nedev Gallery-Haidelberg,Germany 2000-E/A Gallery-Antwerpen,Belgium 2000-Bourgas Gallery-Bourgas,Bulgaria 2001-Gallery Tagea-Varna,Bulgaria 2002-Art 36 Gallery-Sofia,Bulgaria 2002-Gallini-Nish, Serbia and Montenegro 2002-Bourgas Gallery-Bourgas,Bulgaria 2003-Nedev Gallery-Haidelberg,Germany 2003-Bulgarian Cultural Institut-Warszawa,Poland 2004-Nord-Est Gallery-Stassbourg,France 2004-Otaru-Japan 2004-Lodz,Poland 2006-Gallery “LIK”, Sofia, Bulgaria 2006-Gallery “Triadiss”, Sofia, Bulgaria Awards: 1991-Mention of Honour for collage-Toronto,Canada 1992-Second Prize for Graphic Art-Au Virage Gallery-Sepre,Switzerland 1993-Medal of Honour-Lodz,Poland 1994-Mention of Honor from Print Triennial-Orense,Spain 1994-Award from the jury-Print and Drawing Triennial-Vaasa,Finland 1994-Grants for Graphic Art-Open Society Foundation-Sofia,Bulgaria 1995-Prize for Graphic Art-Art Dialogue Foundation-Paris(France) from International Print Biennial-Varna,Bulgaria 1996-II-nd Prize from Mini Prints-Space Group-Seoul,Korea 1997-Purshace award-Gulky Museum-Portland,USA 2001-Award Mini Print-Nish,Serbia and Montenegro 2001-Diplom from Print Triennial-Ufa,Russia 2001-Prize for Graphic Art-Art Dialogue Foundation-Paris(France) from International Print Biennial-Varna,Bulgaria 2002-Grand Prix-Mini Print International Triennial-Tokyo,Japan 2002-Tablet of Honor “Josef Vashal”-Havirov,Czech Republic 2002-Mention of Honor-Biennial of Bulgarian Art-Pleven,Bulgaria 2003-Award from the jury-I-st International Biennial of Ex-Libris,Sofia 2005-Mention of Honor- “Ex-Libris Competition-Boggio Lomnago” Italy 2007-Diplom- “Mini print international triennial”,Vilnius,Lithvania 2008-Award for graphic art-Alianz-Bulgaria 2008-Special award from the jury-exlibris competition-Bogio Lomnago,Italy 2008-Second Prize-First International Print Biennial-Istanbul,Turkey


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