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Olya Leontieva

Well, I'm Olya a free-lance artist and illustrator currently based in Moscow, Russia.
Everything you see here is made by me unless written otherwise.

I'm open to a new projects and collaborations!

Feel free to contact me at
For Moscow based artist Olya Leotiva art is an adventure that combine the ever existing possibilities of the universe with the beauty of everyday life. In her series Deities and Disasters she explores gods and mythical creatures from around the world. From Fujin the Japanese god of wind to Pele the Hawaiian goddess of fire and the legend of the Balinese trout that they believe the world stands on. Olya has used her abstract technique and engaging use of colors to reinterpret these past deities. With an almost pattern like effect her images carry that fun interpretive effect that most good abstract work should have, giving the viewer a chance to construe a deeper meaning beyond the subject matter.

“I make images concentrating on  the mood, emotional content, I try to catch small important moments of life and show how people and objects behave there. Abstract art for me is more personal, it’s even more about mood, atmosphere and there I distinguish and explore different substances of my emotions and experiences.” – Olya Leontieva


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