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Justyna Jabłońska

Justyna Jablonska - Biography

 She graduated from the School of Arts in a circle, her diploma in the field of exhibitions.
Graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the direction of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Diploma in 2007. in prof. Nicole Nascowa and a kitchenette in the Department of Painting, Architecture and Media under the guidance of prof. Wojciech Kaniowskiego.
Foreign Scholarship 2004-2005. at the Ecole Superieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg in the direction of Art
Exhibition of landscape paintings - Municipal Cultural Center, 2000 Bishop Kazimierz.
Exhibition of landscape paintings, Municipal Cultural Centre, Swinoujscie 2001.
Exhibition of works of Pizza Hut for the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Arsenal, Wroclaw 2004.
Graduation Exhibition, BWA, Wroclaw 2007.
FlashGallery.pl group exhibition "Art Evening", Wroclaw 2009.
Group exhibition "Art for You", Wroclaw, 2010.
Group exhibition-X National Review of Contemporary Art "form", Rawicz, 2010.
Group exhibition at the Correctional Facility in Rawicz in 2010.
Exhibition przedaukcyjna in Adam's Auction House, Poznań 2010.
 Exhibition of Young Art and Auction, Auction House in Sopot, Sopot 2010.
 Group exhibition Out of Control Festival Production, Białystok 2010.
 Second Triennial of Contemporary Polish Painting-Autumn Confrontations, BWA Rzeszów 2010.
 Individual exhibition - "Characters enclosed in color" - Municipal Cultural Rawicz, 2010.
 The exhibition and auction-design studio Chillhouse, Wroclaw 2010.
 Popremierowa exhibition "Second Triennial of Contemporary Polish Painting-Fall 2010-Rzeszów Confrontations" - Gallery of Artists Record in Spišská Nova Ves, Slovakia, 2011.
Group exhibition, Zamosc, 2011.
-Individual exhibition company "clergy", Poznań 2011.
Collective Exhibition-XI National Review of Contemporary Art "form", Rawicz, 2011.
Group Exhibition, National Art Festival WPA, Duszniki Spa 2011.
Collective Exhibition-Market of Art, Lodz, 2011.
"Architects are inviting artists' group exhibition in the Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture, Wroclaw 2011.
-Collective exhibition showroom Marchand, Warsaw 2011.
Group exhibition, Gallery Zadra, Warsaw 2011.
Solo exhibition - DNA Gallery, Wroclaw 2012.
Group exhibition of female DNA-DNA Gallery, Wroclaw 2012.

 The artist in painting, drawing and illustration. In his paintings show human figures, often women in different situations, depending on the topic to be undertaken, the link is no clear indication of the place is often empty space. The whole is heavily saturated color that fascinates a painter from the beginning, use it to create the whole structure of the painting, gives the figure cielistości, painted a light color in the image.
One of the paintings of the artist, "Ruda" reached the Young Art Auction in Sopot, the highest price among the 100 papers presented at the auction. Another picture of "Naitre", was placed on a poster for the festival X National Review of Contemporary Art "form". Her works are in numerous collections in the country and abroad.


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