3 Ağustos 2012 Cuma

Iza Wolska

Painting is for me ...
Pleasure, detachment from the world, the state - is a space where I can be in harmony with itself.

What was your first sold a painting?
I suppose podwórkowy landscape that I painted on location - I sold him on his way to the bus stop, just liked a girl. I was probably in the second year of study.

One secret, which could be shared with other artists
Top painted when during application to the head are not sneaks no thought about painting. Brush dances alone.

I am inspired by ...
People who treat art with passion, even amateurs. Nothing is chasing someone else's work as an infectious enthusiasm. A more "internal" inspired by my own emotions, anxieties, dreams.

Share with us your favorite maxim
"No matter what you have, important as it conquered '

Tell us the last time you were a nice surprise
When it became clear that grows within me a new man ...

The event is not good without ...
Intelligent people who lend on similar wavelengths, and have a sense of humor.

I would like to have more ...
I will not tell. This is too trivial.

Do you like night?
Tremendously. But rather these years ...

I love it when ...
I am calm and I can do whatever I want.

Cat or dog?
Cat and dog ... Cats love to if I have my own dogs, without exception. But most of all I like rats.

If you could no longer paint a ...
D begin writing, which once did.

Your favorite food?
Pierogi with mushrooms

Bach, Elvis or Madonna

Immortality would love to spend as ...
Something flying and reckless. Butterfly could give.


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