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Alex Malik (Malico)

From: Ukraine
Joined: August 18, 2008
www.Malyk.artnow.ru amalic@yandex.ru

About maliko:

Alex Malik (Malico) now lives and works in Odessa (Ukraine).
Mr. Alex Malik has graduated from the Kharkov Art-industrial Institute, graphic arts faculty. Alex takes part in art-exhibitions since 1979. He participated in regional, republic, all union and international exhibitions. He was quite successful in the art-competitions. Alex was frequently awarded for his works in different kinds of art.


1974-1975 - went to Kremenchug artistic school.
1975-1979 - studied in Kharkov state art school.
on the picturesque separation at teachers Vysykaylo In., Lapyn In..
1979-1984 - studied in the Kharkov artistically-industrial academy on
graphic faculty at the teachers of Veklenko Î., Kryvoruchko., Blyakher.
1992-1997 - taught speciality in Odessa state
art college by him Grecova.
1997 - at creative work.
With 1979 partaker of regional, republican, all-union and international exhibitions.

Member of the Ukrainian Artists Union.

Since 1995 - Ukrainian Artist’s Union.


1996 The "Dekor Gallery", Odessa.
1997 Gallery "On Comfortable one", Odessa.
1998 Gallery "On Comfortable one", Odessa.
1999 Gallery "Marine gallery", Odessa.
2000 Odessa Artistic Museum, Odessa.
2003 Gallery of "Lada", Kiev.
2004 Cafe-gallery «Moonlight», Odessa.
2004 Gallery «On Spasskoy 45», Nykolaev.
2005 Gallery “Garage”, Kiev
2006 Gallery ORONUAU of «Ekaterininskaya 18», Odessa.
2006 Gallery “36”, Kiev
2007 Exhibition Hall "Union" (Odessa)
2007 City Art Gallery (Odessa)
2008 Gallery "Victory Gardens" (Odessa)
2008 Kharkov Art Museum


1988 All-union exhibition-window of political placard. VVPP-88.
1988 Soviet-Cuban competition-exhibition of the "Druzhba- Amystad placard".
Encouraging diploma.
1989 VVPP-89 . Odessa.
1989 An inter-republican exhibition is "Man-creator of alteration". Kiev.
1989 Republican exhibition-competition of placard on a road- transport theme.
III-bonus. Kiev
1990 VVPP-90. Odessa.
1990 All-Russian exhibition of the placard "Volga is pain of Russia". Cheboksary.
1990 International exhibition of the graphic arts "Fourth block". Kharkov.
1990 Exhibition in the Ukrainian center of arts in the USA. Los-Angeles.
1991 All-union exhibition " Time to be personality". Moscow.
1991 All-union exhibition is under an obligation to be "Citizen." . Moscow.
1992 International the exhibition placard "Man, nature, future... ". Moscow.
1995 International exhibition "Pan-Ukraine 95". Dnepropetrovsk.
1996 Republican exhibition "Autumn salon". Kiev.
1996 Exhibition is competition of the placard «International amnesty» is the 55 bonus.
1996 First International exhibition "MARINA - 96". Maritime gallery. Odessa.
1998 Second International exhibition "MARINA- 98". Maritime gallery. Odessa.
1999 International festival of the "LINEART arts" in Belgium (Gent).
2000 III International exhibition "MARINA-2000"
Maritime gallery. Odessa. Encouraging prize.
2002 IV International exhibition "MARINA-2002"
Maritime gallery. Odessa.
2003 Exhibition "Artists of Odessa in Regensburge" Bavaria, Germany
2004 Exhibition «One+one», Malik A . and., Kirichenko S. Art-club «Dialog». Odessa.
2004 The «Eternita Exhibition, about colori della vita" Gallypoly. Italy.
2005 International exhibition is the «Autumn salon» . Lvov.
2005 Stadt Oberursel, Germany . Rathaus, " Goldene Meister von Odessa"
Kunstaustellung " Der Punkt der Stille".
2006 Joint exhibition of artists of Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa. ORONUAU.
2006 International exhibition is the «Autumn salon» . Lvov.
2007 Charity exhibition OOONSHU "presentiment" (Odessa Art Museum)
2007 International Festival of Arts "Art-Kiev" (Kiev)
2007 International Exhibition "Autumn Salon - High Castle" (Lviv)
2007 Ukrainian Christmas Exhibition (Kiev)
2008 International contest programme "save and save." (10-anniversary activities Helena Ananevoy
& Golden masters of Odessa "). In the nomination schedule - 1 seat at the poster "save and save."


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