13 Ağustos 2012 Pazartesi

Alexey Adonin

With his loyallity to imagination above all other rules of artistic logic, his paintings begin with a single line and then take on vivid lives of their own as landscapes in which viewers can lose themselves. Adonin strives to create works that allow for freeform exploration in an abstract universe without the hard constraints of realism. Rather than beginning with a preconceived idea of a painting's final form, the soundtracks he chooses while creating each piece determine the end results, allowing for freeform evolution.
There's a resemblance to abstract science fiction illustrations from the 1960s that immediately appealed. The similarity can't be accidental as there is a distinct homage to science fiction in some of the work. While the images are essentially abstract and are created without any preconception there is always a strong hint of figuration or more commonly landscape. He builds up layers using a variety of techniques with large windows in each, so that the final images is a kind of collage of textures.


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