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João Figueiredo

João Figueiredo

João Figueiredo was born in Lisbon in 1970. Throughout his academic path we can witness several years dedicated to the study of the History of Art and a course on film animation at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He took a Design course at IADE and graduated in 1993. In 2000 we can see the still-life paintings at the exhibition "Mortas por Natureza" sponsored by MillenniumBCP. In 2001 he presents "Frutos Proibidos". In 2004 he is awarded with the prize “Nadir Afonso” at FACE – Feira de Arte Contemporânea do Estoril (Contemporary Art Fair). That same year the phase of the still-life paintings culminates with "Lilliput Chamber", sponsored by Barclays Bank.

In an exclusive partnership with Swarovski, something that had never happened before, he’s been developing projects of reinterpretation of classical works, since 2005, presenting "Retratos da Memória" at Grémio Literário in Lisbon, sponsored by BPN; "Renascimento do Retrato" at the Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporânea in Florence (International Biennale of Contemporary Art), which received a prominent review in the "New York Arts Magazine". In 2006: "Again for the first time", at the Ministry of Finance; he was present in Florence at BIACF - Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporânea (International Biennale of Contemporary Art); in Glasgow at GARF - Glasgow Art Fair; In London at the Zizi Gallery "Less is more".

In 2007, within the scope of "7 Maravilhas" (“Seven Wonders”), project "SEVEN - From Past to Pop", at Museu da Cidade de Lisboa (City Museum), in which one of his works was awarded the honourable mention at the "III award of Erotic Art"; In Porto he presents his first photography work, "D-TALES".

In 2008 the Prime-Minister offers the King and Queen of Sweden an interpretation of the portrait of D. Pedro I’s second wife during their State Visit to Portugal. This work was part of the exhibition “Era uma vez em… 1808-908” (Once upon a time in… 1808-908) at the Ministry of Finance.


"D. Fernando II Award" 2005 " Distinguish " City council of Sintra "Nadir Alfonso Award" 2004 " Art Fair of Estoril Contemporary Art

Joao Figueiredo is represented in important institutional and private collections with prominence for BCP, BPN, Barclays Bank and Mário Soares Foundation.


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