1 Ağustos 2012 Çarşamba

Dan Badea

Almost empty from inside, inflexible, we reject the possibility of assuming honestly and with maturity, feelings that are deeply natural.
We hide of ourselves, of self-formulations, of other dissections and perspectives.
My works express the self-runaway, (Run and hide!), the accepted sin (Smoke, smoke), the forgetfulness, the absence, the non-attitude, the indifference (Sleeping), the whatever we are not and whatever we are,
the way we are, denials and self-definitions.

Each of us is responsible for his own actions. Each of us has his own dreaming space, an expectation. Each of us leaves an echo, an identification imprint for the out world, accordingly to our inner echoes, to our expectations, which are all to be found in this dreaming space.
Sometimes we are the organ grinders of our time. We grind in vain the same automatism, turmoil and socio-human fragmentations, incapable as we are to break free and be different.
The self-runaway, the ignorance, the loss of the self by the lack of involvement, the lack of participation for fear, the anorexia of involvement, are taboos for any society and any time.
Who would admit, at least for himself, that he had no reaction, he was ignorant, disinterested, Blank?
Everything speaks of the detachment against social clichés, of stressing the attitudes we hide from and we don’t want to know about. Every person must understand his own humanity, errors and flaws, limits and prejudgments, taboos that that we all posses as individuals and as social beings.
Non-admittance of these limits, their denial and that of the fact that they have ever occurred to you, all might make you see yourself as a superman, as a fake; an image that may function for you, but not for the others.


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