9 Ağustos 2012 Perşembe

Gueggia Gianni

The paintings of Gueggia live a plaintive poetic harmony, where the consultation suggests a tonal lyricism and figurative paintings of ancient root of obvious sensitivity. A painting of compelling charm that perception, particularly in the landscape echoes the Venetian atmosphere of considerable preciousness color fading resolved luminescence. A poetics capable of drawing in the classic, recovering a spiritual renewal and the fruit in style, full of formal processing and delicate coloristic suggestions. E 'interiority to prevail on the veracity of the image reaching a musical articulation agreements with large and modulated tonal variegation.


Chi-chang Hsieh

https://www.facebook.com/chichang.hsieh.96?lst=576073807%3A1242982983%3A1531818388 https://www.artsy...