21 Ağustos 2012 Salı

Catherine Rebeyre

History between Art and Catherine is rich of more than two decades of experiences, discoveries, meetings, travels and surprises.

Born in 1965, she grew up in Paris.

From her earliest years, she was attracted to visual arts and had a passion for the world of fashion.

Right after being graduate in stylism, she began to work in a ready-to-wear company in Paris.

With the time she dedicated to her daily work, she struggled setting free her creativity and scribbled, sketched out, drew images that were in her mind without really giving life to them.

But one night, as she starts drawing the outlines of one of her characters, she decided to get her brushes to apply her imagination on a canvas…

Since that moment, her love for painting will develop progressively, and will become more and more important in her life.

Meanwhile, she gets bored of her job and establishes herself independently on the fashion market. She creates illustrations to be put on textile and paper, for clothes and decorations.

During her free time, Catherine continues to perfect her painting technique, and develops an unique and original style. Acrylic paint lets her experiment new ways of painting, with layer effects, scratching and collage.

Her work is a mix of paint and various elements like pearls, mirrors, glitter, shells, pieces of materials or even colored glass.

It is an invitation to travels that you can't ignore, transporting you over borders, may it be in Asia, Middle-east, Maghreb or Africa and beyond time.

Currently, she makes a living of her passion et participates to numerous events across France and abroad to share her love for Art and being acknowledged for her work.


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