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Jeremy Norton

Jeremy Norton (jezbcn)
Artist / Illustrator /Designer

Jeremy Norton is a British Artist / Illustrator /Designer living and working in Barcelona.

He uses digital media almost exclusively, developing images and ideas on screen with light. The use of electronic media and the web give him immense creative freedom and means geographic location and cultural boundaries do not limit the artistic possibilities of his work, or his ability to deliver even to the tightest deadlines.

He originally trained as a fine artist. His creative output having a variety of influences from both western and eastern, figurative and abstract. Colour and mood are the main inspirations
and also the common threads that ties the work together.

With many years experience in the world of commercial illustration and design with an intimate knowledge of the creative process in media and publishing, he has the key know-how to interpret and complete any given brief.

All are digital images inspired by the landscape of Catalunya, Persian miniatures and abstract paintings of New York School of 1950's & 60's and 20th Century Cornish School




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