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Dominique Fortin

Dominique Fortin

Since taking on painting full time in 2003, Dominique Fortin has found her niche in a dream-like representation of the human character. Trained at the Saint-Laurent Cegep as well as at the Sud-Ouest School of Crafts with a focus on jewellery, it is easy to see how the creative nature of her thought process is translated onto her canvases.

Fortin has concentrated her efforts in trying to find a way to represent human nature so that it resonates with the inner conscience of her audience. Her paintings, though sometimes referred to as naïve, are a "sort of study of the human soul in a contemporary style, while at the same time full of raw emotion and romanticism". Fortin suggests that her works, at one point, were a representation of reality, but as her artistic style has progressed, she finds herself captured within a dream-like world where the characters are not actors on a stage but rather the catalysts of unsolicited emotion, available only to the human conscience within the safeguard of individual minds.

In the beginning, Fortin found her self greatly influence by the liquid lines of modern art, its movement and dynamisn drew her in and allowed her to experiment with shape, form and colour. However lately, Fortin has made the conscious decision to let go of the guidelines modern art has established in order to fully emerse herself in an individual sort of creativity. In adding text and different materials to her work, she has found an artistic language totally unique to herself, one that allows her to speak symbolically through her artwork.

Today, the main focus of her work is childhood, and how this "paradise lost" has become found again in her own children. Fanciful, imaginative and dreamlike, these paintings represent the second coming of Fortin's youth.


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