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Rai Escale

Rai Escale
I live and work in Barcelona.
I am painter and paint people.
Due to his biological implications human face give the greatest and deepest source of emotions and information to spectator, and being a very simple icon, when representing it lets the artist plenty of space to play with emotions and feelings. I've always been doing portraits
In the early years I used to over paint my own paints, but soon that came to be a problem, and had to start looking for 'painted' layers to keep painting. So I started making my own through collage or just painting over photos or printed material glued on a canvas.
Since then I permanently seek and find images laying hidden under other images. Random images among the millions that we come across every day.
And that (when successfully done), gives all my works this strange sensation of layered reality, with bits of dada, surrealistic or pop sensations inlaid or as constructing parts of each portrait.
Transparencies, shaded layers, casual remains of what was behind come to be essential part of the construction of the final portrait, showing behind the paintwork.
And i do it through rough paint, ink, nearly no scissors and any computers... But even if not gluing anything, technically they still call it collage...So PAINT-COLLAGE IMAGES is what I do. ENJOY AND TAKE YOUR TIME. Read Less
Barcelona, Spain

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