2 Ağustos 2012 Perşembe

Myles Bennett

Bachelor of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design.
Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on print making and painting from Rhode Island School of Design.

"My practice revolves around the first mark, the first gesture, that initiates a work.  Each surface has inherent properties that interfere and influence how marks are perceived, and by combining ground conditions with gesture, I preserve the contours and tactile elements that begin each painting.  As a graduate in architecture, my interest in construction and materials has had a major influence in my paintings, from the methods of applying material, to the tool that applies it, to the structures of the surface: calling attention to the direction of the grain, the layers of the paper, and bringing the folds, pleats, and bunches of the fabric to the foreground.  Whether this process produces figuration or a field of textures, the goal is to create a tactility that reflects an associational reading, that reveals a relationship between the structure, the hand, and the image."


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