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Darren Hopes

Darren Hopes

Darren is an internationally represented photo-illustrator who has been working in the field of both commercial and fine art for the last 9 years, attracting a wide range of clients such as BMW / Mini and Sony Playstation in the advertising field and many book and magazine publishers he also has a growing following of collectors of his personal work.

His images are an amalgamation of mostly self conducted photography and hand rendered painting which he brings together with digital mediums, primarily photoshop. The series of erotic studies are a personal body of work that utilises the directness of photography enhanced with the visual freedom of painting. The use of negative space and areas of block colour create images with a sense of eroticism that is as much to do with what you do not see as it is to do with what you do see.

The strong graphic colour and soft textural feel coupled with the model oriented photography of the work makes it both eye-catching and contemplate-able, a fascinating addition to any space.


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