13 Ağustos 2012 Pazartesi

Joseba Eskubi

Artist Statement

I’m interested in organic forms in decomposition, soft and amorphous qualities that accentuate the tactile sense of vision. There is movement and tension, an internal force that pulls things toward the abyss. I usually work at several works at the same time, with the intention of expanding the possibilities of each theme. I try to make the final effect as something obsessive, repetitive, with a certain tone and atmosphere. The idea is that each image has a temperature, a character like a portrait of an unknown thing until you create it. Generally I don´t represent specific elements, trying to maintain a certain ambiguity that allows the suggestion and evocation.

The pictorial gesture builds a credible figure, but at the same time it is decoded as an abstract, and purely material.

In many cases, I present a kind of stage where it lies a single figure, silhouetted against the background. These works have a theatrical sense. In some works I use classical references to the painting, manipulating the relation with an qualities of the image . It´s a kind of collage where where I try to simulate an internal transformation of process of painting.  These works are created with mixed media (acrylic, plasticine, photography, etc)

Artist Bio

Basque artist Joseba Eskubi (b. 1967, Bilbao, Spain) lives and works in Bilbao. He studied art at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Basque Country and currently teaches at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country (Leioa campus).

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