3 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

Regina Nieke

1979 Born in Germany
Lives and works in Berlin

2010 Post-Graduate Degree, UdK, Berlin
2008 Graduate Degree, UdK, Berlin
2004 Studies Painting in the class of Prof. Burkhard Held and Prof. Robert Lucander, University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin

2006 Graduate Designer, UdK, Berlin
2001 Studies Industrial Design at the University of the Arts (UdK), in the class of Vivienne Westwood amongst others

2011-2012 Dorothea Konwiarz Scholarship

Since 2011 Promotion for a studio

2009 Studio Scholarship of Rudolf-Schweitzer-Cumpana Foundation in Bucharest, Romania

Gallery COLLECTIVA, Berlin/ Germany (forthcoming)
Insomnia ,Dorothea Konwiarz Foundation, Berlin/ Germany
Face to Face ,Gallery Hans Tepe, Damme/ Germany

Werkschau, Infernoesque. Project Space, Berlin/ Germany

UPDATE art 2010, Partner of Art Forum, University of the Arts (UdK),
Berlin/ Germany
animal urbanum, Church St. Marien, Frankfurt (Oder)/ Germany
I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Gallery Hans Tepe, Damme/ Germany

New York Paintings, Gallery Miope, Berlin/ Germany

The Gentle. New Contemporary Art from Berlin, Beers.Lambert
Contemporary, London/ UK (15 November – 31 December 2012)
Bring a Brick, Infernoesque, Berlin/ Germany
ARTESANTANDER XXI, Edition of Santander's International
Fair of Contemporary Art, Spain
Artvilnius'12, Third International Contemporary Art Fair, Lithuania
after the sunset, Gallery Collectiva, Berlin/ Germany
Swab 2012. International Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelona/ Spain
New Perspectives in Painting, Junge Kunst Berlin/ Germany
Religio, Church St. Marien, Frankfurt (Oder)/ Germany
Vierunddreißig zu Kleist, urban Gallery Speyer/ Germany

private, private, Gallery Collectiva, Berlin/ Germany
WATCHLIST 11, Junge Kunst Berlin/ Germany
MULTIPLIED Contemporary Editions Fair, London
Gegenständlich - ungegenständlich, Dorothea Konwiarz
Foundation, Berlin/Germany
Vierunddreißig zu Kleist, Church St. Marien, Frankfurt (Oder)
and ensuing in Gallery Alte Schule, Berlin
Transgression, Beers.Lambert Contemporary, London
Junge Kunst, municipal Gallery, Petershagen (Minden)/ Germany
MEETING POINT, Forum Kunst&Architektur, Essen/ Germany

Silly Gooses Live in The Dark, UF6 Projects, Berlin/ Germany
F.F.E., Gallery Hans Tepe, Damme/ Germany
Masterstudentreward, University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin/ Germany
Watchlist, Junge Kunst Berlin temporary/ Germany
now open for off season. Endzeiten in der Gegenwartskunst, Fichtebunker
Berlin/ Germany
MEETING POINT, Kommunale Gallery, Berlin/ Germany
QUO VADIS?, Gallery Alte Schule, Berlin/ Germany
Masterstudentexhibition, University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin/ Germany

Foxtrott Saxonia, Kunsthalle, Dresden/ Germany
Querschläge, Gallery Ludwig, Oberhausen/ Germany
Watchlist '09, Junge Kunst Berlin temporary/ Germany
Generationen zwanzig deutsche Jahre, Kunsthalle Brennabor in
Brandenburg/Havel/ Germany
Energy II. Berlin-Essen, Kommunale Gallery, Berlin/ Germany
HELDENHAFT, Auto-i-DAT AG, Zürich/ Swiss
6. BerlinerKunstsalon, Art Fair, Junge Kunst Berlin/ Germany
Große Herbstausstellung, Gallery Kwadrat, Berlin/ Germany
Watchlist | 10, Junge Kunst Berlin temporary/ Germany

30 gegen 3 000 000. Skulptur und Malerei aus Berlin,
Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, Bielefeld/ Germany
Show down!, Gallery Michael Schultz, Berlin/ Germany
Energy I. Berlin-Essen, Zollverein, Essen/ Germany
On Fire, Gallery Miope, Berlin/ Germany

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