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Esther Erlich


PLAIN curated by Dr Guy Morag 2011 - internationalartists touring exhibition (Israel)
Finalist in the 2011 Charlatan Ink Art Prize New York(USA)
Finalist in the 2011 Black Swan Art Prize (Perth)
2009 James Farrell Self Portraiture Award, Castlemaine Art Gallery
Finalist 2009 Banyule Works on Paper Art Award
Finalist  2009 Black Swan Prize (WA)
Selected for the 2009 Salon des Refuse exhibition (National Trust SH Ervin Gallery Sydney)
Finalist in the 2008 Black Swan Prize for portraiture (WA)
Finalist in the 2008 Shirley Hannan National Portrait Prize
Selected for the 2008 Salon des Refuse exhibition (National Trust SH Ervin Gallery & Tweed River Art Gallery)
Finalist in the 2007 Dobell Prize at the AGNSW
Finalist in the 2007 Hutchins Art Prize (Tasmania)
Finalist in the 2007 Whyalla Art Prize (South Australia)
Finalist in the 2007 Archibald Prize with “Tim” (portrait of Tim Rogers)
Nine times finalist in thePortiaGeachMemorialAward (‘07,’02’,01,2000,’99,’98,’96,’95,&’89)
Exhibited in the 2006 Delhi Art & Design Fair, and Australian High Commission Delhi India.
Exhibited March 2007 in group show at New Delhi India, Gurgaon (Gallery Alternatives)
Finalist in the 2006 Doug Moran National Portrait prize.
Finalist in the 2005 Archibald Prize with “Lindy Wills”
Finalist in the 2005 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize
Finalist in the 2005 Banyule Works on Paper Art Award
Finalist in the 2002 Archibald Prize with “Deborah Conway” & included in the Salon des Refuse with “Man Working”( portrait of Colin Hay).
Winner of the 2000 Archibald Prize Peoples’ Choice Award in Sydney & Melbourne with ”Never Been Better”,( portrait of Bill Leak).
Winner of the 1998 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize with “Gaunt and Glorious”,( portrait of Steve Moneghetti)
December 2001, painting of Lynne Golding exhibited as Victorian Arts  Centre’s  Artwork  of the Month”
2001 invited to exhibit in the National Tour of, “Portraits 2001 – An Australian Odyssey”
1993 included in the Salon des Refuses (Archibald)
1993 exhibited  at  the  International  Womens’ Exhibition in Kyushu’ Japan
Finalist in the 1990 Doug Moran National Portrait  Prize .
Finalist in the 1989 Winsor Newton Prize (Sydney);
Second  prize winner of the 1987 VTU Art Prize.

National Portrait Gallery , “The Hon. Jim Carlton AO with Cravat”
Tweed Valley Regional Art Gallery , “Gaunt and Glorious”(Steve Moneghetti)
National Library ACT , “Louis Kahan”, “Andrew Sibley” and pencil study for Gaunt and Glorious.
Hutchins Foundation Collection, “Grunt II”
Holocaust Museum Vic. “Mr Socolovitz”
ALP Building Canberra, “Barry Jones”
Royal Overseas League, Australian Collection, “Nine Two Nine”
Performing Arts Museum, Victorian Arts Centre, “Lynne Golding”
Council for Adult Education, “Warming Up”
Macrobertson Girls High School, portrait of Leslie Boston



 December 2012 "Rapscallions" Libby Edwards Galleries (Melbourne)
 October 2012 "Sirens ablazing" Gadfly Gallery (Perth)
 July 2012 "Traffic Jam" Richard Martin Art (Sydney)
 September 2011

"Curiouser" Libby Edwards Galleries (Melb)
November 2010 "Animal Instinct" Richard Martin Art (Sydney)
October 2010 "Menagerie" Gadfly Gallery (Perth)
March 2010 "You Know You Want To" Libby Edwards Gallery (Melbourne)
June 2009 "Hand in Glove" Gadfly Gallery (Perth)
September 2008 "Subtext" Libby Edwards Galleries (Brisbane)
February 2008 “Tiaras and Boxing Gloves” Libby Edwards Galleries (Sydney)
November 2007 "Works on Paper" Libby Edwards Galleries (Brisbane)
November 2007 "Encore" Perth Concert Hall (WA)
October 2007 Jinks Creek Winery "Superheroes & Celebrities"
July 2007 "Human Kinds" Gadfly Gallery (Perth)
February 2007 “Ties that Bind” Libby Edwards Galleries (Melbourne)
September 2006 “Modest” Libby Edwards Galleries (Brisbane)
February 2006 “Emancipated” Libby Edwards Galleries (Sydney)
April 2005 "Go Figure" Gadfly Gallery (Perth)
May 2005 Perth Concert Hall
November 2004 “Rumors”Libby Edwards Galleries (Melbourne)
May 2004 "Confection" Barry Newton Gallery (Adelaide)
September 2003 "Wall Flowers" Libby Edwards Galleries (Sydney)
August 2003 Portraits Retrospective Libby Edwards Galleries  (Melbourne)
May 2003 "Hairspray" Bark Modern Art (Hong Kong)
October 2002 Barry Newton Gallery (Adelaide)
July 2002 "Basic Black" Libby Edwards Galleries (Melb)
February 2002 "Pick-up Lines' Libby Edwards Galleries (Sydney)Works on Paper
August 2001 "Hoopla" Libby Edwards Galleries (Sydney)
September 2000 Libby Edwards Galleries (Sydney) Miniatures
August 2000 "No Standing" Libby Edwards Galleries (Melbourne)
December 1999 Libby Edwards Galleries (Sydney) Recent Acrylics
February 1999 "Suburban Spectacles" Libby Edwards Galleries
March 1996 Convent Gallery (Daylesford) "Realm of the Knave'
April 1994 "The Joker is Wild" Libby Edwards Galleries
December 1993 New Robin Group (Japan)
July 1993 Barry Newton Gallery (Adelaide)
November 1992 Barry Newton Gallery (Adelaide)
June 1991 Libby Edwards Galleries
March 1990 Libby Edwards Galleries
April 1989 Weather Vane Gallery (Flinders)
May 1988 Toorak Library
November 1987 Graphic Illusions
September 1986 Graphic Illusions
July 1984 Young Originals


November 2010
"Hang Your Doodle" Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Melb)

July 2010 Richard Martin Art
November 2009 Hill Smith Gallery Adelaide
November 2009 James Farrwll self Portrait Award, Castlemaine Art Gallery & Historical Museum
October 2009 Art Sydney - Libby Edwards Galleries - stand F3
June 2008 Bega Valley Regional Gallery SH portrait exhibition
May 2008 Salon Des Refuse at SH Ervin Gallery & Tweed River Regional Gallery
October 2007 Hutchins Art Prize at The Long Gallery (Tasmania)
October 2007
Chairs for Charity at Flemington Atrium
September 2007 Portia Geach Award at SH Ervin Gallery
August 2007 Dobell Prize for drawing at the Art Gallery of NSW
March 2007 Archibald Prize at AGNSW; Mural Hall Melb; Manning , Grafton, Bega Valley and Broken hill Regional Galleries,
October 2006 Artwork for Baby Proms at Sydney Opera House
September 2006 Art Singapore at Stand AP03 Suntec Singapore
October 2006 Art and design Fair New Delhi at the Australian High Commission
April 2006 Moments in Art at Chapel Galleries- Chapel off Chapel
March 2006 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize at State Library of NSW
October 2005 Banyule Works on Paper at  Banyule Art Space
April 2005 "The Body in Question" G.W.Bot, Esther Erlich, Barbie Kjar at Gadfly Gallery Perth
April 2005 Archibald Prize at AGNSW; Newcastle & Albury Regional Art Galleries; Moree Plains Gallery; Cowra Art Gallery & Victoria Arts Centre
October 2005 National Small Sculpture Prize  at Woollahra Municipal Council
March 2005 Lost and Found”, Curators & Artists digital sequences of images and text creating double narratives for 3 artists; Olive Cotton, Rosalie Cogan and Esther Erlich, out of the Archives of the Women’s Art Register.
  Displayed at:
  Federation Square Melbourne, Gertrude St Contemporary Art Spaces,RMIT Gallery.
February 2004 “Precious Platters “ Jewish Museum of Australia,at Sotheby’s
April 2003 Kosher Culture The Jewish Museum
July 2003 Superstars Unzipped , , Jeans for Genes Retrospective Sydney Town Hall
April 2003 Jewish Museum of Australia, Kosher Culture
September 2002 Portia Geach Award at SH Ervin Gallery
August 2002 Gadfly Gallery (WA)
July 2002 AGNSW Jeans for Genes Generations Art Exhibition
June 2002 Archibald Prize AGNSW; George Adams Gallery (Melb) & regional tour
June 2002 Salon des Refuse at SH Ervin Gallery Sydney
December 2001 Portraits 2001 - An Australian Odyssey touring Logan,Toowoomba,Shepparton,and Tamworth City Art Galleries and, Dalby,Hervy Bay, Manning, Portr Macquarie-Hastings, Tweed River.Port Pirie,and Albury Regional Art Galleries
December 2001 Victorian arts Centre selected as artwork of the month.
September 2001 Portia Geach Award at SH Ervin Gallery
July 2001 Jeans for Genes, Sydney
September 2000 Portia Geach award at SH Ervin Gallery
March 2000 Archibald Prize at AGNSW , George Adams Gallery and Regional Tour
September 1999 Portia Geach Award SH Ervin Gallery (Sydney)
July 1999 Jeans for Genes- Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney)
April 1999 Marymount Arts Festival (Queensland) featured artist
October 1998 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize at National Gallery Victoria & State Library of NSW
September 1998 Portia Geach Award at SH Ervin Gallery
August 1998 Mary Place Gallery (Sydney)
March 1998 Retrospecta II. Motorworks Gallery featured artist
December 1997 Libby Edwards Galleries
September 1996 Portia Geach Award at SH Ervin Galllery
February 1996 Grand Central Gallery, World in a Matchbox
October 1995 Portia Geach Memorial Award exhibition; SH Ervin Gallery (Sydney)
January 1995 Ten New Artists , Holdsworth Gallery (Sydney)
March 1994 "The Nude in Art" Barry Newton Gallery (Adelaide)
December 1993 Libby Edwards Galleries
November 1993 Libby Edwards Galleries
July 1993 International Womens Exhibition at the Kyushu Municipal Gallery Japan.
March 1993 Salon des Refuse at SH Ervin Gallery Sydney
March 1993 Holdsworth Gallery (Sydney)
October 1992 Libby Edwards
December 1990 Portraits of Australia DMNPP Sydney Opera House
September 1989 Portia Geach Award at SH Ervin Gallery (Sydney)
June 1989 Figurative Exhibition Libby Edwards Galleries
December 1988 National Gallery of Vic, On a Clothesline
March/July 1986 Freeman Gallery (Hobart)
April/July/Oct. 1983 Young Originals

Copyright ©Esther Erlich 

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