8 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi

Elsa Klever

Elsa Klever was born in Berlin in 1985.
Inspired and influenced by music, coffee, oddities, people’s dreams and her own visions, the colours of autumn and little furry animals, she creates her own small (illustrated) worlds. Most of them playful and colourful, with just a hint of weirdness.
Throughout her studies of Illustration at HAW Hamburg (University of applied sciences, Hamburg/Germany) and HSLU Luzern (Switzerland) she developed her own visual language and style using only highly pigmented watercolours.
Elsa has worked for several magazines and corporations and has participated in various international group exhibitions, for example in Bologna, Tokyo, Luzern and Hamburg.
She is currently living in Hamburg and working as a freelance illustrator.



magazines & editorial:
-Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung
-LUKS Magazin

companies & more:
-ARTE Creative
-Bahlsen GmbH
-FC Footstar Berlin
-Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin
-Melodica Festival Hamburg
-Stadt Glücksburg
-Ahoi! Filmfestival Hamburg

bands & recordlables:
-10 Meter Feldweg
-Dakz & Mentelibre, C.O.G.Records


Exhibitons - A Selection

-"2112", Alliance Francaise de Bologne/ Bologna 2012

-"Illustrators Exhibition" 2012
at the Bologna children's bookfair/ Bologna 2012
and afterwards at the "Itabashi Art Museum"/ Tokyo 2012

-"5. Europäische Plakatbiennale der Kunst- und Designschulen", Schleswig-Holstein-Haus/Schwerin 2011

-"Frische Tinte", Kindermuseum/ Berlin 2010/11/12

-"Il Fuoco", Alliance Francaise de Bologne/ Bologna 2011

-"Illustrationsklasse Luzern stellt aus", Krone/ Aarau 2010

-"Die Welt hat einen Knall", Erfrischungsraum/ Luzern 2010

-"Große Viecher, kleine Bilder", Ponybar/ Hamburg 2010

-"Bestiarium", Alliance Francaise de Bologne/ Bologna 2010

-"40 Jahre HAW Hamburg", HAW Hamburg 2010

-"MEHR", Cap San Diego/ Hamburg 2009

-"Kirsten Boie", Staatsbibliothek/ Hamburg 2009

-"Hi Q"- Exhibition/ Bologna, Tokyo, Paris 2009


Copyright © Elsa Klever

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