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Karim Hamid

Born 1966, Lives and Works in Rhode Island, USA

1994 MFA, San Francisco Art Institute, USA
1990 BFA, Brighton University, United Kingdom

Solo Exhibitions
2011 Aureus Contemporary, London Art Fair, London, UK
2010 New Paintings, Aureus Contemporary (Cutlog), Paris, France
2010 New Paintings, Aureus Contemporary, Basel, CH
2009 New Paintings, Witzenhausen Gallery, NYC
2008 the end of play and infancy, 25 Bond Street Gallery, NYC
2006 fa.fn, NakedEye, NYC
2005 Paintings and Collage, Suydam and Diepenbrock, Newport RI
2004 Portraits and such, Obsolete, Los Angeles, CA
1999 New Work, Mobus Gallery, London, UK
1997 New Work, Mobus Gallery, London, UK
1996 Karim Hamid Presents, Terrain Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1995 Karim Hamid, d.p. Fong Gallery, San Jose, CA
1994 Karim Hamid Paintings, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1992 Paintings, Maze Gallery, Brighton, UK

Group Exhibitions
2011 Aureus Contemporary, Art Chicago, Chicago IL
2011 Scope & Pulse New York, New York, NY
2011 Pretty Empty, Group Exhibition, Empty Magazine, Sydney, AU
2010 August Group Show, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2010 New Painting, Art Aspen, Aspen, CO.
2010 New Painting, Art Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
2010 New Painting, Aureus Contemporary, NYC
2010 Wildly Different Things, BlueLeaf Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2009 New Painting, Scope International Contemporary Art Fair, Miami
2009 New Painting, Scope International Contemporary Art Fair, Basel
2009 New Painting, Scope International Contemporary Art Fair, NYC
2009 Terra Nova, (Curated by John Haas) 33 Bond Gallery, NYC
2007 LDN vs NYC, (QRATE Presents) – NYC, USA
2006 SuperPower, (Curated by Karim Hamid and Stephanie Tricola) NYC, USA
89-05 Various Exhibitions in USA and UK

2010 Karim Hamid Paintings, American Art Collector Magazine, USA
2010 Karim Hamid Paintings, hDL Magazine, Israel
2010 The Paintings of Karim Hamid, Elephant Magazine, London/Amsterdam
2010 Karim Hamid, Empty Magazine, Australia
2009 Who is Karim Hamid?, Palladium Magazine, UK
2008 Karim Hamid, NYArts Magazine, USA
2005 Newport This Week, USA
1998 La Stampa, Italy
1996 ArtForum Magazine, USA
1996 San Francisco Examiner, USA
1995 San Jose Mercury News, USA

(USA) NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston,
Miami, Washington DC, and San Diego (Europe) Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Paris,
Monaco, Milan, Athens, Stockholm, Oslo, Basel, Zurich, Lausanne and Bruxelles
(Asia) Japan and South Korea

Copyright ©Karim Hamid

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